I am Stephan Lohse, a software developer, open source enthusiast, microcontroller tinkerer, climber and occasional carpenter. I currently live in Uppsala, Sweden.

what is this website about?

It mainly keeps nginx from displaying “Welcome to nginx!” when you type www.ploek.org in the address bar of your web browser. Other than that it also allows me to harass you with the things I do and I feel the world should see.

what does ploek mean?

Nothing in particular. It can be used to describe the sound you make when popping a finger from your mouth. It can be something you type in an IRC channel when no one has said anything in an uncomfortably long time. It can be the name of your pet. It can be an obscure component of a sail boat. It can be all of these things or none of them. Maybe it was simply a relatively short domain name that wasn’t taken.

what is this running on?

This blog is generated by hugo, served by nginx, running on FreeBSD.