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The MacBook Air (11” late 2010, or A1370 to be precise) of my girlfriend’s father died last summer. It just shut off while he was using it and never came on again. He brought it to his local Mac repair shop (not an Apple store) and they diagnosed it as a faulty logic board. He ended up buying a new one, but he did want to get some files from the dead one’s SSD.

This post was originally written for my other blog. At the time I lived in Lübeck, Germany. I’m still pretty happy how it turned out. Right now (February 2016) the shelf is in storage, but I hope to one day mount it above my bed again. As is customary, let’s start with the finished product: At the beginning of February 2014 I bought a few LED lights, light switches and 200x20x2cm glued wood panels in a sale amidst the bancruptcy of a large German hardware chain.

This post was originally written for my other blog. Since then I have replaced the machine with an HP ProLiant MicroServer N36L running FreeNAS I have a computer that serves as a NAS. It uses an Intel D945GSEJT mainboard which has 2 SATA ports. At the time I bought it I thought “two hard drives in a RAID1 configuration is all I need”. Well: wrong! For one, the desire to put the operating system on a SSD might arise and secondly, when you want to make a full hard drive backup and for some reason you can’t use the Gigabit Ethernet you could just connect the hard drive to the NAS directly.